6 7 powerstroke def fluid in fuel tank

I have been a professional diesel training instructor for six years, so let me explain what it is and then answer your questions! It is a fact nowadays that diesel emission legislation is becoming stricter and stricter. One of the pollutants that interest the legislators particularly, is Nitrogen Oxides NOx. With every new legislation, the maximum acceptable levels of pollutants change.

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To most of us, numbers mean nothing at all. Money spent on research to develop a new engine, or modify an existing engine in order to meet the new standards. Both options can cost from a few millions to maybe billions of dollars. With the current economic climate, companies try to be as efficient as possible on spending their research budget. The fight to reduce NOx without the need to redesign the whole engine has intensified. DEF is a solution or mixture of The solution is injected in the stream of hot exhaust gases and is carried to the SCR catalyst, where it chemically reacts with its surface material and NOx.

Keep reading and it will all make sense in a bit. So on to the questions that you guys and gals have been asking. What is in diesel exhaust fluid? How does diesel exhaust fluid work? The separation of Urea and Water due to heat, is called thermolysis. The chemical reaction is:. Isocyanic acid is converted further with the help of the water that got evaporated from before. The process is called Hydrolysis:. Is DEF made from urine?

Even though the name suggests so, Urea that we use nowadays is synthetic. What happens when you put diesel in the DEF tank? If someone makes the mistake and puts diesel fuel in the DEF tank, there is a great risk of the seals becoming contaminated. This could also cause premature deterioration and subsequent failure of one or more components that are designed to handle DEF.

If diesel has not been circulated in the DEF system, there is a great possibility that damage can be avoided just by flushing the tank. What happens if you run out of diesel exhaust fluid?

What is DEF and How Does it Work?

Diesel exhaust fluid is used to reduce NOx emissions. You will get a lot of warnings to refill the DEF tank before you run out. If you decide to ignore the warnings or the circumstances do not allow tank refill, the engine is designed to limit its power and fuelling dramatically. This is a form of punishment to the driver if you like, but also it is a way of mitigating and controlling the increase of NOx emissions due to the lack of fluid. Is it bad if I ingested DEF?

Drinking it should be avoided at all costs. If that happens, contact a doctor immediately. Also, refer to any warnings that may be present on the jug or package if applicable. What happens if DEF goes into my eyes? If it gets into your eyes, flush with large amounts of water immediately for at least 15 minutes.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. For example, you might need to change the oil and fuel filters more frequently.

Because a diesel engine burns fuel at a higher temperature, you might have to use an exterior heating system in the wintertime.

But the most obvious difference is that you need to add diesel exhaust fluid to a separate tank on the diesel vehicle to remove harmful emissions and enable it to run properly. Purchasing the best digital exhaust fluid for your situation depends on a few criteria. At BestReviews, we can help you better understand the differences among diesel exhaust fluids, so you can find the best one for your vehicle.

Our shopping guide gives you plenty of helpful information about diesel exhaust fluids, so you can make sure your diesel vehicle runs properly. Unless you have experience with diesel vehicles, you might not know much about diesel exhaust fluid DEF. This bright blue liquid is a mixture of roughly two-thirds deionized water and one-third urea.

The color helps you distinguish it from gasoline or diesel fuel. You add DEF to your vehicle as needed.

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It goes into a separate tank than the diesel fuel and runs through the selective catalytic reduction SCR system. Diesel vehicles emit dangerous nitrogen oxide NOx. DEF breaks down the NOx emissions into nitrogen and oxygen, elements commonly found in air. If you have a or newer model vehicle that runs on diesel fuel, it almost certainly needs DEF.

This tank is near but separate from the diesel fuel tank. DEF and diesel fuel should never mix. Because diesel exhaust fluid is an expensive add-on, and because it can be a hassle to keep on hand, it might be tempting to run the diesel vehicle without filling the DEF tank.

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Under these rules, dashboard messages and warning lights warn the driver when the DEF tank is running low on fluid. An empty DEF tank limits the vehicle's performance to speeds of up to five miles per hour until the tank is refilled.

6 7 powerstroke def fluid in fuel tank

It will result in a significant repair expense for you. Be very careful when adding either diesel fuel or DEF to your truck. Also, the DEF tank often has a bright blue cap that will help you avoid placing diesel fuel in this tank. Even a tiny amount of diesel fuel could significantly damage the system that uses DEF. It can be frustrating to pick the right DEF for your vehicle. All diesel exhaust fluid must have a urea concentration of These impurities can enter the DEF if the manufacturer uses poor-quality deionized water, for example.As with any new engine, potential truck buyers initially questioned the platform's reliability despite reports of extensive durability testing.

Fortunately, Ford seems to have hit a home run with the 6. Over6. The 6. The unit was replaced by a single Garrett GT37 variable geometry turbocharger VGT for the model year, subsequently increasing horsepower and torque in combination with additional upgrades.

The SST returned to the Power Stroke for the completely revised model year Super Duty; torque reached an all time high at lb-ft. Both horsepower and torque were once again increased for the model year, peaking at hp and lb-ft, respectively.

Ford suggests that software adjustments, cylinder head improvements, and increased turbocharger boost are responsible for the increases. Also unique is the engine's exhaust and intake manifold designs.

As opposed to a tradition V engine, the intake and exhaust flows are reversed - the intake manifolds are located on the outer deck of the cylinder head and the exhaust manifolds exit directly into the engine valley where the turbocharger is mounted.

The unique exhaust flow design is said to increase thermal efficiency of the turbocharger. For Ford introduced the 3rd Generation 6. While the revised engine features a number of significant changes, the most noteworthy is likely its new piston design. Forthe Power Stroke utilizes a steel piston with a relatively short overall height. Shrinking the height of the piston compensates for the increased weight of steel, a much heavier material than the previous aluminum design.

The 3rd generation 6. Dual cooling systems; high temperature circuit for engine, low temperature circuit for transmission cooler, CAC, etc.

Viscosity recommendations vary with ambient temperature; refer to owners manual. The first Super Duty's sold featured the early horsepower engine rating. Because of the flash update, very few engines likely exist with the original programming.

A unique feature of the 6.

6 7 powerstroke def fluid in fuel tank

This post-cooling system reduces sludge and soot buildup in the EGR valve, minimizing maintenance. The DOC is a ceramic catalytic converter designed to oxidize hydrocarbons in the exhaust stream. DEF fluid level must be maintained to ensure proper operation of the system and the truck an empty DEF tank will result in reduced performance and speed. The engines are assembled in Chihuahua, Mexico. Owners of the hp model were able to receive a free dealer installed upgrade to achieve the new hp power rating.Ford 6.

Ford introduced the 6. After a good five years of being in use, they are holding up great. We will continue to update this article as we experience new issues with them. But here is what we know so far. The 6. The primary radiator closest to the engine develops a leak where the plastic tank is crimped to the metal center.

We usually upgrade them to a Mishimoto all aluminum welded radiator when this happens. The turbo coolant inlet fittings are regular offenders but are simple to replace. The turbo base gasket will sometimes leak and require the turbocharger to be removed to replace it. Turbo Failure: One of the biggest issues the 6. The turbo on these trucks is a fairly complicated unit.

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The best way to simply describe it is that they built a single shaft turbo that works the same way a compound turbo setup does. It has one exhaust housing and wheel, but two compressor housings and wheels on the other end. It basically works like a twin setup by redirecting the airflow from the first wheel to the second to be compressed again. This raises the volume of air that the single charger can create and provides ample airflow for good power.

The trucks had the most turbo issues. The bearings would fail. In the early production models, they used ceramic bearings that often failed. The updated replacement turbo now has steel bearings which seem to be holding up pretty well. We are a big fan of the ATS upgraded turbo kit though if you want better performance and reliability.

Random Sensor Failure: We have had a few trucks in with a failure of one of the four exhaust sensors that will put the truck in a limp mode.

This is usually a fairly simple diagnosis as a code will set for the specific out of range sensor.As we continue to monitor COVID, the safety of our customers and team members is our top priority. Learn more about Contactless Delivery. In a world filled with acronyms, sometimes it's easy to forget that not everyone knows the words behind the letters. As we talk about fuel and businesses requiring a variety of oil-related products, you may have been left wondering, "What is DEF?

What DEF is, at a chemical level, is a combination of deionized water and urea that transform harmful nitrous oxide emissions into harmless water and gas. Starting inDEF became a major need for companies using medium and heavy-duty Diesel vehicles. Changes in EPA emission standards required reductions in diesel burning engines to reduce their pollution output to the lowest levels in history, and Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR is the technology of choice for original equipment manufacturers OEMs.

As this emission standard has increased to include off-road vehicles, generators and a variety of engines, DEF is being used now more than ever. Assumedly, as regulations increase, DEFs importance in keeping emissions down will continue to be high.

6.7L Powerstroke Def Pump Kit

Modern technology has quickly adapted to DEF's role in our lives. Though these vehicles can be expensive, the improved fuel efficiency is a great benefit for companies as they look to recoup costs associated with conforming to DEF emission standards. Stocking up on DEF is a particularly important consideration as we head into spring when seasonal spikesand potentially higher costs, in urea are common due to the planting season.

Atlas Oil is one of only a few businesses in Southeast Michigan that can provide safe and effective on-site and mobile DEF supply fulfillment as well as national deliveries for package goods, totes, refills and bulk.DEF stands for diesel exhaust fluid.

Starting inthe Environmental Protection Agency required all new diesel engines to emit less nitrous oxide. One way manufacturers can meet that standard is to use selective catalytic reduction. The exhaust gas that gets through the filter is sprayed with DEF, which is The catalytic converter uses various metallics to clean the pollutants further before exhaust exits the tailpipe.

Not only does the diesel vehicle run cleaner, it also burns fuel more efficiently, which translates to better fuel economy. Therefore, DEF is good. DEF fluid in a fuel tank, however, is bad. If you pour DEF into your fuel tank and realize your mistake immediately, your fuel system needs to be flushed, and there may be some part repairs or replacements required just from the fluid having been there.

Your engine will stop running, and there will be more work replacing or repairing parts before you get back on the road again. Basically, this is a situation where you need to take your vehicle to a professional, so they can assess the damage and do any necessary maintenance. DEF is a great automotive advance — it leads to cleaner diesel emissions and better fuel economy. Just be sure to keep it in the right tank.

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6 7 powerstroke def fluid in fuel tank

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6 7 powerstroke def fluid in fuel tank

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